Jamie, "With Uncle Stan having bitten the dust after 1 gig, the sheer embarassment of that fact, the financial loss my family has suffered as a result and the huge waste of time the project has been, I was not a happy chap. Travelling to Holland to play with U.K. Blues legend Paddy Maguire, with Jenna Hooson on staggering guest vocals and all round superb bloke, shuffle king and road manager Peter Tallent, then coming home to play another awesome gig depping on Bass for Mike Kaperys with my good friends Joe Tulley, James Tulley, Lee Dodge and Kev Hill in the incredible rock band that is THOR - The Gods Of Rock - was just what I needed to blow off some steam. So, here are 3 bits of good news to focus on. Firstly, I'm very happy to say that I will be continuing to work with Paddy Maguire as a full time member of his band. Bonus!!!! Secondly, I will be working with John Verity again on the 9th, 10th and 11th of May!!!!! Third, Wayne Miles my old school mate (lead vocals and keys in Uncle Stan) and I will continue working together on a blues based recording project I'll reveal more about soon. I'm a bit bogged down with session recording right now, but when it is done I will be looking at releasing some new solo material too and making some more Jamie TV episodes. Thank you everyone for your continued support, keep it 100% live and crank up the bass!"



Paddy Maguire Dates can be located at www.paddymaguire.com

John Verity Dates:-

9th May - Sound Control Manchester

10th May - Bootleggers Kendal

11th May - Boot And Shoe, Ackworth


Jamie Mjölnir Mallender


Questions have been flooding in about Jamie's recent band venture, Uncle Stan - from people wanting a gig list, to people wanting to book the band. The band suddenly ceased to work together and Jamie has confirmed that the band will not be continuing. He is not however, prepared to make an official statement about it at this time. Jamie will however, be performing with THOR on Friday 4th april 2014. Jamie, "This Friday, for 1 night only, I will be elevated to the status of a god! As Mike Kaperys  has a prior engagement I will be standing in for him on Bass with THOR. We will performing 100% Live at The Punchbowl in Sheffield. With Uncle Stan dead in the water, a huge professional disappointment, it was great to pop over to Holland to do a short tour with The Paddy Maguire Band and take my mind off it. We had a great time, but how do you follow that? By joining Lee Dodge, James Tulley, Joe Tulley and Kev Hill in THOR to perform a set of classic rock covers to die for. So turn to the 4th of April in your diary and simply write, "It's Hammer Time!"

Facebook users can click the pic to the left to see the event.


Hooray For Holland!


In September 2013 Jamie joined Peter Tallent and Paddy Maguire on a last minute mini-tour of Holland. The gigs must have been very well received because the lads are off there again at the end of this month. Here's Jamie with a bit of background, "It was kind of a weird one, but it came at just the right time for me. I love my work and I am grateful for the good fortune I've had in almost always being in paid work and the opportunities I've had to work with so many talented people. Music has taken me to many different countries and I've experienced things many people only dream of. But, when you're a musician for a living you have to take the gig that pays over the gig that you'd love, a steady working regular paying band over the adventure that might lead you to exciting new musical places. Sad but true. In fact, in recent years you'd be suprised to hear of some of the exciting gigs I've turned down, because there is little or no money in them, and I have mouths to feed. As much as I love music, my family has to come first. Anyway, it had been a good while since I'd played in a band that was 100% live, and I was crying out for a chance to work with some old school proper musicians, a chance to jam and improvise and go boldly where no bass player has gone before. I felt like my skills were getting very rusty as a live musician and I needed something of a challenge. But, just as I thought it was about time for me to be put out to pasture, I got a message from an excellent bass player called Lincoln J Roth. He said he'd been asked if he was available to do a tour in Holland in a couple of days time and he couldn't do it so he wanted to put me forward. Long story short, Peter Tallent had booked his own band some dates in Holland and the band had pulled out at the last minute. Still determined to honour the gigs he'd enlisted Paddy Maguire, who I'd heard a lot about and he just needed a bass player to complete a blues jamming trio. So I said yes and the next day we met up in Newark to play a gig! None of us had ever worked together before and in fact I'd never even met the guys, but they seemed really cool and we had a laugh together right from the word go. Then Peter counted 4 into the first tune and off we went, into 2 full sets of improvised thrown together jamming - and it was excellent! It was like being set free. We also had the fabulous Jenna Hooson sing with us for a few songs - which was just the icing on the cake. The next morning we were off to Holland (without Jenna sadly) for a very rewarding and successful tour. We had a great time and I felt like I'd found my ability to play again. I knew then that I needed to somehow make a change. I needed to feel like this on a much more regular basis. It wouldn't happen overnight but I did have other similar rewarding experiences last year, with John Verity and The Gav Coulson Group. These experiences gave me some hope and ideas and rekindled my excitement for playing live and for blues based music. I'll be forever grateful for that opportunity and I couldn't be happier to say that we're going back to Holland, this time with Jenna as special guest at every gig - to catch up with some of the friends and fans we made and to hopefully make many more. We're not even a proper band as such - but I just know it's gonna be great. The blues fans in Holland were very sweet to us last year and I can't wait to be there again, making proper music."




Uncle Stan are about to hit the road. 1st March sees the band perform their first gig at Jamie's favourite pub (the one he calls his local even though it isn't,) legendary music venue - The Midland, Killamarsh. The Midland has been closed for a few weeks, but has now been refurbished and re-opened with the lovely Ivy at the helm. Ivy continues the pubs tradition of suporting live music - so all we need now is you. Get down to The Midland on Saturday and check out Uncle Stan's harmony fuelled, 100% live, old school musical prowess.



Uncle Stan


Jamie has a new band to talk about. "Uncle Stan is a lighthearted name for a band that is very serious about making great music, but we have a lot of fun doing it. We have tried our best to put together a very varied set of material, consisting of classic songs of all eras, rather than just banging out the predictable song choices. We have all been members of Eaglesque, a band with a reputation for our harmony work - which sadly seems to be a dying art, but fear not, this outfit is taking that harmony work to a new level. Between us we know a huge amount of material, so you never know exactly what might end up in the set - and we are 100% live so by all means shout out a request, it's not like we're going to have to refuse because we don't have the correct backing track for your favourite song! It has been such a relief getting back to that old school approach of music first. The heart and soul of music is in the hands of the performers, not the hard drive of a laptop. We're having a lot of fun and making a great noise - we just want to get out there and entertain people and enjoy ourselves." Please see the Uncle Stan page for more info.





"Thanks so much to the great many of you that have sent me happy birthday wishes today. I'm a little overwhelmed and there's no way I could even begin to thank all of you personally. I've had a very enjoyable day, but it feels a little weird - I haven't done the slightest bit of work all day. Back to it tomorrow, with a rehearsal with the new band."

Happy Birthday Jamie. 

Jamie Mallender's Academy Of Rock has been a huge success. The diary is full and no more spaces are available at this time. However, in order to teach even more hours, Jamie will be teaching one to one bass lessons on Skype. Further info available by e-mailing jamiemal@hotmail.co.uk



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